Fab-Union intelligent engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fab-Union) is a building digital design and digital construction technology service company, and is a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai. Fab-Union focuses on building robot technology development, applying digital design and construction tools to help construction companies win the technological and product advantages, promoting the industrial upgrading of traditional construction industry.


Fab-Union has rich research and practical experience in the field of brick robotics, timber robotics and large scale three-dimensional printing robotics. Our company has more than 10 unique technologies and independent intellectual property products in the field of robot construction, and the technical level is in the leading position in China. We design and complete a number of products with great influence, such as “ Chishe” and “Cloudy Pavilion”.


Fab-Union has a multi-disciplinary research team with high academic background, including a group of researchers from universities at home and abroad. Education covers from postgraduate to postdoctoral disciplines, covering many fields of architecture, design, mechanical design, civil engineering, architecture, with a high level of high field level project team, understanding of technology which also provide professional services for the designer.

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